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From the Racing Captain

March 22, 2024


** LOOK ** and ** NOTE ** We are re-scheduling Spring #1 Race for April 14. Pencil in your Calendars!

Dogwood: The Dogwood Regatta is this Weekend. Let's show a good BFSC participation!

Around Alone: The Barefoot’s Around Alone open race is coming soon on April 21. Let's also show a good BFSC participation!

BFSC Spring Series: The BFSC Spring Race Series continues on April 14, Apr 20, May 5 and May 25.

Moonlight Races: The summer Moonlight Race series sponsored by LARC and run by BFSC will start soon: May 18, June 15, July 20, and August 17. Because BFSC co-sponsors the LARC series (we run the moonlight races, while UYC and LLSC do the spring and fall series), these races are free to our members.

Go and check out the New BFSC Racing Resources page.

March 3, 2024

For the last race BFSC Spring #3 we all had good wind at the start of the race winding down as we where approaching the 3nd mark. Ended race at the short finish. Was a beautiful day overall to be out. In the Lake


January 1, 2024

Poker run weather was a little chilly but on the nicer and exiting side with winds average 9 to 17 knots and 45 Degrees F Temperature and semi-cloudy.

The race committee went out early 9:00 AM to explore lake, the weather and to decide which markers to use. Wind was a perfect reach to H mark from the north, so this was a no brainer but then the question was either to use A-mark or B-mark. We decided on B-mark since there has been a few recent incidents rounding A-mark with the lake low level. As it turned out, B-mark was perfect reach sail to H on the day. Many thanks to Bill Anchors with his pontoon boat, Bill Bond and Duane Simms (friend of Bill Bond) for helping with installing and removing the Poker Card Socks on the markers on the cold day.

Poker Cards were placed in Markers B-X-E-H with H marker being the farther one (from the north) since we had good wind and the expectation was that skippers would enjoy the long reach sail – and they did! Skippers could start any time after the skippers meeting and pick markers in any order. It was so obvious that skippers and crew were having so much fun, we should have placed more cards in more markers! 😊

We started collecting and pulling the socks from markers at 2:40 PM (race committee crew were hungry 😊) but did not realized there was one last boat remaining that was returning from H-mark and that had not finished and was pending B-mark card – so we handed the B-Mark card at the cookout. The race committee crew were also picking up some scattered cards that fell in the water in error from boats trying to catch cards – we need to keep lake clean 😊


All-in-all, was great sailing and FUN! And we were able to see Chris Koerner new J-80 sailboat flying-by in action!

November 12, 2023

Congratulations to Tim Wilson in Nommi Trimaran S/V for Winning the 2023 Dorton Cup.

Winds were awesome at race start winding down in the later part of the day.

No rain and nice day – was a Lovely Race. Thanks to all racers.


November 5, 2023

Congratulations to David Bloome with Full Deck Hunter 320 for Winning the Fall Series Races!

Well done! And the only skipper who completed all the races.


In second place Jon Wittlin with WitchBurner Hunter 335 and third place Pete Winham with Southern Cross Morgan 45.



November 4, 2023

2023 Lanier Cup Results:
Was a wonderful day for racing. Perfect weather. Congratulations to Team Barefoot for a good participation and performance for the yearly Lanier Cup event and thanks to University Yacht Club (UYC) for hosting and organizing the event. Jeff Elam and Chris Webster with Shameless Santana 20 placed 3rd place just behind LLSC J80’s and Barefoot, as a club placed 2nd behind LLSC. Congratulations Barefoot racing team. The Skippers who participated were:​

1) Shameless – Santana 20 – Jeff Elam / Chris Webster

2) Daedalus Beneteau 28 - Ryan Jones

3) Wind Spinner – Jim Chambers - Beneteau-28

4) WitchBurner – Jon/Lara Wittlin - Hunter 335



October 1, 2023

Fall Race #4 - We had good wind and a beautiful day today. We all enjoyed the race and dirt-up after race. Thanks to the Steadmans for hosting the Dirt-Up. We had two new entrants for the race this year: Kathy Paes with TAKA and Jon/Lara Wittlin with Witch Burner. TAKA and Southern Cross were inching each other to the end.



September 15, 2023

The Barefoot Fall #3 Race on Sept/10 looked very promising at first. Good wind at the skippers meeting and nice day. Once the race began after 1PM the wind started dwindling to the point of standing boats – where the race was called-off, unfortunately. Let hope for better wind and happy days for the future races as Fall is here now.


August 24, 2023

Fall Series #2 

The winds were light, but not too light so we had a nice race, short but very competitive and good fun. Two of the cruisers had an exciting photo finish with David Bloom coming within seconds of Fred Kempner and then easily correcting over Saucy Wench. It was a race where strategy outweighed speed and David ran a smart race resulting in a nice victory. As usual, the trimarans ran away from the cruisers making quick work of the course. After the race, we had a great dirt-up with the Robichaux's providing exceptional pulled pork barbeque and perfect sides. Thank you Mary and Rory!  


August 11, 2023

The first Barefoot race of the fall series was cancelled due to lack of wind. It’s been a frustrating summer, but good sailing is on the horizon. Fall promises more wind, fewer powerboats and more competitors. If you’re considering racing for the first time, just do it! It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s a great way to improve your sailing skills all while enjoying great comradery. We’ve had great dirt-ups even when a race is cancelled. We’ll be giving out awards for each race at the dirt-ups while enjoying good food and fine sailing stories.


August 10, 2023

Barefoot Fall Series Races began August 5 and although we had 6 skippers ready to race, there was no race. We had however, a great Dirt-up!

At first it looked like the morning’s slight breeze might fill in enough to start a short race, but even that slight breeze vanished and we bobbed around for an hour and called it quits. We had six boats, so thanks to all the captains willing to give it a try and special thanks to Laura who provided some great food for a dirt-up.

The upcoming Fall Series races listed below:

August 19, 2023

September 10, 2023

October 1, 2023

October 29, 2023

November 5, 2023



July 24, 2023

The BFSC Spring Race Series has ended and looking forward to the Fall series starting in August. The Spring series proved to be pretty tough with lack of wind or storms, but luckily we were able to complete 5 races - Woohoo!


For the cruiser class, Pete Winham with Southern Cross won the 1st place accomplishing finishing #1 in ever raced attended...Wow!

In second place, finished Tom Swendiman with Windwalker and in third place, finished David Bloom with Full Deck.


For the racer fleet, Bruce Barton with Magic Fly won 1st place followed by Dan Drechsel with Hope in 2nd place, and Jeff Elam with Shameless in 3rd place.


I want to make an honorary mentioned to Tim Wilson who just started to race and finished #1 in his first race.


Lets look forward to more wind and good weather for an exciting Fall Series.


Happy Sailing!



June 18, 2023

The Barefoot Spring Series race 5 took place on the 17th and was a big success. We had a perfectly run flat start with Dan providing professional race management on Favored  End. After the race, Laura cooked up some fine burgers and hotdogs for the dirt-up. The race itself was short and sweet with decent winds that kept us moving at a good clip. We had 6 boats competing and can handle a lot more – so come out and take advantage of all that our racing program has to offer.

Fred and Chico

~May 14, 2023

We started with a Bang! with Spring Race #1 and had a very successful Spring Race #3. Spring Race #2 was rescheduled due to high winds and stormy weather and rescheduled for last Sunday. Unfortunately, last Sunday—although we had a good representation of S/V’s—the weather did not cooperate and forecast got it wrong this time with calm winds. We could hear the flapping of the sails while floating with the tides created by the power boats roaring passed us. We anxiously waited for some breeze for one hour at which time we called it off. From both extremes of weather fronts, I think we will rename #2 the “race against weather." We want to congratulate Pete Winham and Dan Dreschel for leading in their respective fleets.


April 17, 2023

Spring Series: The Barefoot Spring Race Series just began. Race #1 was fun and successful with a dirt-up event at Aqualand V-Dock. Race #2 was weathered-out and rescheduled. Come out to race the rest of the series!


Joan Holcomb, co-sponsored with LLSC, is around the corner set for April 22. To all Lady Skippers: Go and Register Now! This should be a fun event.


Stay tuned for the Around Alone Race scheduled for June 4. More to come.


Per popular demand … We are doing FLAT STARTS this season. A special thank you to all the Favored End and RC skippers and crew that thanks to their help makes FLAT START a reality.


Racing Captains,

Fred and Chico

November 9, 2022

The Barefoot Fall Series ended like it began, without much wind. That said, we did get in some good, fun races that made for a successful series that holds the promise for growing participation, more competitive racing and more great times on the water. We are looking forward to the Winter Series and want to encourage any and all Barefooters to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your sailing skills, enjoy great comradery and maybe win some nice prizes.  Winters on the lake tend to be breezy, cool and devoid of power boaters - perfect conditions for some great racing.

As for the Fall Series - kudos to all participants. The highly variable winds made for some challenging racing conditions that required skillful sail trim, strategic tacks and jibes and the ability to find the best wind when wind was often scarce.  Pete Winham and Terrell Robin took top honors in their respective classes while Chico and Orla deserve the award for persistence and positive attitude – and now with their new boat – watch out cruisers.

A final note from your racing captains - we want to thank everyone who helped with the races and came out to have some fun, regardless of the wind and weather. And, in particular, we want thank all those who helped with the BFO and Joan Holcomb regattas. These regattas are great Barefoot traditions that we are proud to have been a part of.

Thank you,

Pete and Fred

July 27, 2022

Ahoy Mates,

Below is the schedule for Barefoot’s Fall Racing Series. Fall is  the best time to join in on the fun of a Barefoot series. The lake is full, the winds will be moderate, temperatures perfect and fewer powerboats. Mark your calendars and come out. If you don’t have your own boat, or don’t want to skipper, then come to the skipper’s meeting and you’ll be invited to crew for another skipper. It’s a great way to learn about racing and make new sailing friends.

July 20, 2022

The Barefoot Spring Racing Series is over. We had 8 races scheduled with two(?) cancelled for no wind. As is typical on the lake for this time of year, the winds were generally light to non-existent or variable and difficult to gauge. The winds, or lack thereof, made for some challenging racing where patience and perseverance were often the keys to completing the course. In spite of the prevailing weather, we did have some exciting races where captains and crews fought hard to find the best winds possible and strategy prevailed over raw speed.

Unfortunately, the turnout for the races was about as light as the winds. When it comes to racing, the more the merrier, so we’re hoping to generate more participation for the Fall Series. With that in mind, the race captains are looking to initiate a dirt-up after each race where food and beverages will be available and awards given out. We want to encourage even the most race averse among you to come out and join the fun. The first priority of our races is to have fun. And while a part of that fun is competing to win, racing also affords a great opportunity to learn how to get the most out of your boat in all types of conditions and in all types of traffic. It’s a great way to learn the ropes (lines) so to speak. Win, lose or don’t finish - it’s all about having fun on the water.

As a final note, we welcome all suggestions for how to get you and your friends to participate in our fun races. Let us know your thoughts and ideas. Email us at and

March 24, 2022

If you missed last Sunday’s race, you missed a great day for racing on the lake. Wind was up around 15 knots blowing from the north-north west. Temperatures were cool and comfortable and the sky a deep cobalt blue. The race captains decided on a course that sent the racers from X to 11 to H and back to X. It was a long course as befitting a breezy day and gave the boats a chance to stretch out after the short, cold courses of winter. The two cruisers took very different upwind routes to the first mark, one hugging the north shore while the other dodging the shallows along a southerly route. It appeared the north shore was the better choice, but the boats ended up arriving at the shallow marker at 11 fairly close. After making the turn, the bigger boat shook out its reefed sails for the downwind run and with its longer waterline was able to pull away and take first place honors. Bragging rights, however, need to be postponed until we get more boats competing - so come out and experience the fun of laid-back racing, great comradery and the cool breezes of spring.

March 8, 2022

To all BFSC racers regarding this Sunday's Spring Series race#1, a short reminder.

The schedule for Sunday 3/13:

Skippers meeting at 11:00, at the Aqualand Store.

The base start time for the race is 13:00.

Also remember this wknd (Sunday A.M.) we set the clocks forward for DST!!!.

March 3, 2022

Hello Fellow RacersThis year the Barefoot Sailing Club has two race captains sharing the responsibilities: Pete Winham and Fred Kempner. Tedd Mannesmann has passed the baton after serving as race captain for the past few years. Well done, Tedd! He’s earned a gold watch, but will have to settle for a BIG THANK YOU! We also want to thank LARC, and specifically Dana Stewart, for spearheading a great winter series. Great job, Dana!

The 2022 Barefoot Spring Series gets underway with its first race on March 13th. We are looking forward to getting as many racers as possible on the course. All of the race dates and the Sailing Instructions can be downloaded from this website. The Barefoot series races will continue to use staggered starts. We plan to divide the racers into two fleets: PHRF Racing Fleet and PCRF cruisers. Our hope is that this will give every racer a chance for the gold.Barefoot will continue to host its special races and regattas, including the Around Alone, the J. Holcomb’s Women’s Regatta and the Barefoot Open. We will be sending out NOR’s as the race dates approach.

Thank You,Pete and Fred

April 26, 2021

Wow, what a great day to be out sailing.  It was one of the faster Around Alone races I have been involved with.  Looking at previous year results that I have, there was only one other year where the full course was sailed.  No time this year for RC to go ashore and enjoy a leisurely lunch. 

Thanks everyone for coming out!

-Tedd Meinersmann

BFSC Racing Captain

April 23, 2021

BFSC Racers,


The 2021 Barefoot Sailing Club Around Alone race was scheduled for this Saturday.  However, the weather doesn’t look promising with strong winds, rain, and lightning.  In some way, I like to think so what!  Robin Davis had to deal with such conditions when he sail solo around the globe.  Yet, this is a one day race and it’s easy to reschedule and important to think about the safety of racers and RC crew.  Thus, going to delay for one day to Sunday, April 25,2021.  Forecasts shows sunny skies, constant winds at 8.  Should be a great day for a solo sail!


-Tedd Meinersmann

BFSC Racing Captain

April 8, 2021​

If you were not out last Saturday for Race #2, you missed a very pleasant day on the lake.  There wasn't much wind, yet we still managed to get a three mile race in.  This Saturday, we can expect to see some different conditions.  Winds around 9 with gusts to 15.  I am not going to lie, forecasts do call for rain during the time we will be on the water.  You really got to look at on the bright side, there won't be many power boaters out there.  Make sure you bring your foul weather gear.  Should be a screaming day.


Skippers meeting at the Aqualand store parking lot at 11:00.  Base start time at 1:00.


-Tedd Meinersmann

BFSC Sailing Captain

April 2, 2021

Well, Race #1 did not work out very well.  Absolutely no wind.  That’s not totally true.  There was wind before the racing started.  It pretty much quit right at the start time.  Let’s hope this Saturday will have more favorable conditions.  Current forecast shows it’s going to be another light air day.  I will keep my fingers crossed. 

Skipper Meeting at the Aqualand Store parking lot 11:00 AM.  Base start time 1:00 PM.

Linked here is an updated copy of the Sailing Instructions.  Mainly spelling and punctuation corrections.  Also, linked is the course sheet referenced in the Sailing Instructions.

If you haven’t looked over the COVID-19 waiver request emailed earlier, please do so and send to Tom Beachem.  I will also bring copies in case anyone does not get a chance to complete the form.

​Fair winds!

-Tedd Meinersmann

BFSC Racing Captain

March 12, 2021

It’s finally here, the start of BFSC racing for 2021.  First race is this Sunday.  Winds look a little light, but building as the day progresses.  Overcast and low seventies.  It’s actually still Winter, so I don’t expect a lot of power boat traffic.  Should be great day to be out on the water.  Attached are the Sailing Instructions and the standard set of courses.  You may find the SI times are off from schedules on some of the Lake Lanier Sailing web pages.  Moving all Sunday races to 2:00 PM.


Hope to see a good crowd out this year.


-Tedd Meinersmann

BFSC Racing Captain

July 9, 2020 

Attached is the file “Spring 2020_PHRF.pdf” which contains the results after race 1 and race 2.  This Saturday’s race is going to be a nail bitter.  There are three boats tied for first with six points each: Damphino, Saucy Wench, and Shameless.  It’s still anyone's series to win given the worst scoring race for each boat will be replaced by the average of the two best races.  I think there are at least five boats out of nine that could come home with the gold and silver/bronze of a catch for all the boats.

It's a little far out to predict the weather, but right now I am seeing good winds out of the North-West.  By 6:00 PM, the worst of the powerboat chop will be over and the cooler night air hopefully will start to fill in.

Skipper meeting at 4:00 PM – Aqualand store parking lot area.  Race starts at 6:00 PM.  Still want to “Social Distance” and avoid the possible crowd at the Skipper meeting.  Send me a text anytime Sunday.  I will respond back around 4:30 PM or earlier with the course and start time.

-Tedd Meinersmann

2020 BFSC Racing Captain

June 3, 2020

That’s right.  The Corp of Engineering has re-instated certificates for activities on the lake.  That means after an almost three month hiatus we can finally get back on the water and race.  I know everyone has been working hard the last few months doing whatever it takes to make your boat faster.


Attached you can find the results from the first race.  Damphino buried everyone with a commanding performance to take the first.  Big Taka took second followed by little Shameless in third place.  Looking for Saucy Wench and Heatherset to improve on their race one standing.


Missed race 1?  Don’t worry, I am going to throw a little incentive in.  We only have two races left in the series.  The Sailing Instructions have been revised to provide a pseudo throw out.  See section 13 of the revised Sailing Instructions.  Another revision was to correct the date of race 7.


Which gets us to race 7.  It’s this coming Sunday.  Skipper meeting at 12:00 PM – Aqualand store parking lot area.  Race starts at 2:00 PM.  Still want to “Social Distance” and avoid the possible crowd at the Skipper meeting.  Send me a text anytime Sunday morning.  I will respond back around 12:30 or earlier with the course and start time.


-Tedd Meinersmann

2020 BFSC Racing Captain


Racing and Winning, or Not... (2019)

chico wojna.jpg
Racing Captain:  Chester "Chico" Wojna
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