Commodore: Peter Maurer

BAREFOOT SAILING CLUB (BFSC) is one of Lake Lanier's major sailing clubs. BAREFOOT was founded in 1971 on the premise of a common forum for people who love sailing - and who may or may not even own a boat. If you're new to sailing or an old salt, you are invited. Whether you prefer the adrenaline rush of hiking out or "poppin' a chute" as you round a buoy or just relaxing for a pleasant day sailing on the lake with good company.... you are welcome.


What makes Barefoot Sailing Club different? Glad you asked! Unlike some sailing clubs that require you to own a boat in order to join, all we require is that you own a desire to sail! Many of our long-time members and officers don't own a boat. While we do have a wide variety of boats (and for that matter - owners) in our club, we encourage you to become part of our extended crew for races, cruises, and social activities. That way, you get to enjoy the camaraderie of being a crew member, meet new friends, and also get to "try out" a lot of different boats. BAREFOOT has a number of activities going on all year with the club.


Whether you prefer the laid-back, party attitude of cruising, we have an "Open Cruise" on the first Saturday of each month. Come on out and enjoy cruising on Lake Lanier. We usually conclude the cruise with a "Raft-up" party in some quiet cove where we can let our sails down and have some fun in the sun. 


We were founded on the premise of a common forum for people who love sailing - and who may or may not even own a boat.

Pete Maurer
Commodore 2018-2019

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