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2022 Fall Series

Congratulations to Pete Winham and Robin Terrell in their respective classes!

Fred Kempner.jpg
Racing Captain Fred Kempner
Pete Winham.jpg
Racing Captain Pete Winham

November 9, 2022

The Barefoot Fall Series ended like it began, without much wind. That said, we did get in some good, fun races that made for a successful series that holds the promise for growing participation, more competitive racing and more great times on the water. We are looking forward to the Winter Series and want to encourage any and all Barefooters to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your sailing skills, enjoy great comradery and maybe win some nice prizes.  Winters on the lake tend to be breezy, cool and devoid of power boaters - perfect conditions for some great racing.

As for the Fall Series - kudos to all participants. The highly variable winds made for some challenging racing conditions that required skillful sail trim, strategic tacks and jibes and the ability to find the best wind when wind was often scarce.  Pete Winham and Terrell Robin took top honors in their respective classes while Chico and Orla deserve the award for persistence and positive attitude – and now with their new boat – watch out cruisers.

A final note from your racing captains - we want to thank everyone who helped with the races and came out to have some fun, regardless of the wind and weather. And, in particular, we want thank all those who helped with the BFO and Joan Holcomb regattas. These regattas are great Barefoot traditions that we are proud to have been a part of.

Thank you,

Pete and Fred

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