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"Share the Sail" Fleet Charter
November 2nd - 9th, 2024

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Share the Sail fleet charter, sponsored by Latitudes & Attitudes magazine to BVI's in November 2nd thru 9th.   It would be cool if BSC could fill one or two boats.  Fleet charters can be loads of fun, meeting other crews from around the country.   

The cost is $3,000 per person double occupancy in each of the 4 cabins. Includes most food and a dinner party at the end.  We need to have at least 2 or 3 cabins committed and deposits paid by early March to secure at least one 44' or larger catamaran for this fleet cruise. Added costs might be dinners out or on board, alcohol and airfare and travel insurance (it is late hurricane season).   Deposits are $1000 per person by early March and  ½ balance due April 1st with remaining balance due August 1st.   Singles staying in a double cabin will need to add an additional $1,500 for their cabin.  (Possibly a boat with a single crew cabin might be available without the extra cost). Contact Norman Plotkin if you are interested in reserving a cabin so we can coordinate a BSC boat or two.  I need to know within the next few weeks if enough cabins can be secured to guarantee a boat or two for our club. 

Here is what Latitudes and Attitudes emailed to me as far as further information:

Share the Sail fee includes the basic provisions for breakfast , lunch and snacks.  This will include condiments, meats, etc.  there should be a service that can accommodate those with food allergies, gluten free, etc.  Alcohol is not included.  A Share the Sail party in which Latitudes & Attitudes magazine will provide dinner and drinks.  You may captain your own boat as long as you meet the qualifications for Navigare.  As far as hurricanes… they do recommend getting travel insurance for this.  

Norman Plotkin
Cruising Captain 2019-2023

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