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Boats for Sale 

To inquire about any of the boats below, contact Stu Mitchell.

  • Coronado Capri 15
    Old School Go Fast…  lots of strings


  • Luger 14
    Project  - but an interesting one – like a Sunfish with a small deck and open cabin; retractable keel

  • Pearson Vanguard 
    Best Deal
    Pearson Vanguard Free - $500.00 rehoming fee – many spares (incl AN ATOMIC 4). 
    Needs mostly cosmetics – and already have the paint – to quote the Vanguard FB site –
    Owner of the best, most beautiful, strongest and fastest classic ship in the world” –

    Well, certainly one of them….

  • Ranger 23
    10 + Sails – Gary Mull  - new main sail cover, jib bag, interior upgraded, chain plates reinforce (known issue) w/dual axle trailer


  • Sunfish
    Slightly tricked out and trailer with beach dolly


  • Sweet 16
    Like a smaller Scot – rigged for racing – a very pleasant sailing dinghy.  Hard chines, stable

Have an item to buy or sell?  Email

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