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Blessing of the Fleet

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March 11, 2023 - Blessing of the Fleet
Pictured are: Gordon (Buzz) Barton, Officiant Sheri Smith and Phyllis Barton.

We had a wonderful day on Saturday for the Blessing of the Fleet and Spring Race #1. Sheri and Hugh Smith joined us as officiants for the Blessing of the Fleet, with Sheri doing the blessings and Hugh manning the super-soaker.  Many thanks to them for making the day really memorable! 


Also, along on Favored End were Scott and Angela Williams who kindly volunteered photography and videography for the event.  Look for their pictures of your boat on the Barefoot site!  Many thanks to Scott and Angela for the photos! 


A special thanks to Gordon (Buzz) Barton and his wife who took out their pontoon boat and helped ferry the officiants, photographers, and RC crew back and forth to “X” mark, so that we would not have too many folks onboard “Favored End” at once. 


Also, thanks to the RC members, including Tedd Meinersmann who ran the race, and Jack Schoer, who made a special appearance to skipper “Favored End” for the day.



Laura Clarke, Social Captain

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