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2020 - 2021
Special Recognition to Evelyn Rosier

During the pandemic, Evelyn traveled very long distances to attend club events, often volunteering to support events, including Lobster Boil, Steak Out and with the BFO RC team. She made a point to bring friends and to encourage others while volunteering.


Congratulations, Evelyn!

This page is a tribute to recipients of our one-of-a-kind or special recognition awards.

One popular award in the past has been the "Boom Stop" award.

These are fun, and at least mostly tasteful, awards that members personally present.

Past Award Recipients*

2020-2021     Special Recognition to supporting BFSC during the pandemic - Evelyn Rosier

2017              "Old Salt" Award - Bill McCulloch and First Mate Dottie

                      "Stalwart Sailor" Award - Jeff Elam
                      "Show-Up-on-Your-Birthday-at-a-Board-Meeting" Award - Jack Schoer

*Please forward info of additional past award recipients to

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