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19.08.## Added Float Plan page and (this) Ship's Log page

19.08.## Added Upcoming Events and Google Calendar

19.08.23 Added membership meeting announcement to landing page​ (JS)

19.08.24 Resumed use of Regatta Network (RN) for BFO 

19.08.27 Added BFO update to Home page

19.08.28 Updated Board Members page

19.09.02 Created  "Contact Us" page

19.09.07 Updated Home, Upcoming Events, and Useful Links pages

19.09.10 Updated Upcoming Events and Useful Links

19.09.12 Added "On-the-Water Training" page; upd. Upcoming Events

19.09.13 Added Pursuit Start Courses, updated racing menu and pages

19.09.16 Updated menus (Racing, Resources) and Useful Links page

19.09.17 Updated menu style, Header and Home page fonts.

19.09.21 Updated Home and Useful Links pages

19.09.22 Updated Upcoming Events

19.09.23 Updated Upcoming Events and Board Members

19.09.24 Updated Board Members

19.09.29 Updated Home page

19.10.01 Updated "On-the-Water" Training page

19.10.02 Updated Upcoming Events and Useful Links pages

19.10.07 Updated Home, Upcoming Events and Useful Links pages

19.10.09 Updated Home and Barefoot Racing page and added BFO page
19.10.10 Updated Barefoot Open, Upcoming Events and Training pages.

19.10.12 Updated Home and Upcoming Events pages

19.10.14 Updated Barefoot Racing and Upcoming Events pages

19.10.17 Updated Home page

19.10.18 Added Social page

19.10.19 Updated menu, Home, Education, Events, Membership and Social

19.10.21 Posted Boatswain page, updated home page, created Awards pg

19.10.22 Moved Site policy links to footer, updating email in Privacy Policy

19.10.24 Updated Cruising menu and reintroduced Coastal Cruising page

19.10.26 Added "From your Cruising Captain" page

19.10.28 Added "Messing about in Boats" and BFSC Website Archive pages
19.11.## Added "Sailing Gallery" page

19.11.11 Updated Home/Useful Links pages

19.11.14 Added Poker Run NOR for 2020


Regatta Network Site


19.08.24 Resurrected account from BFO 2007-2010 era (thanks, Margaret!)

19.08.25 Created Barefoot Open Regatta

19.08.28 Created Joan Holcomb Memorial Women Skippers Race

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