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February's First Saturday "Polar Bear" Cruise
February 4, 2023

1 and 2) Norman, Lee, Kerry, Laura, Maria, David and Jacqueline; 3) Norman, Kerry, Maria, Laura, Jacqueline; 4 and 5) Polar Bear Lee; 6) Norman w/refreshments; 7) Bruce w/refreshments; 8) Norman, Kerry, Maria, Laura, and Jacqueline; 9) Kerry; 10) Maria; 11 and 12) Bruce Barton w/crew on S/V Magic Fly

February cruises tend to be the coldest of the year. And so, it seemed quite appropriate to celebrate is as the "Polar Bear Cruise." Eight intrepid souls bundled up - some dressed as polar bears -  to brave chilly temps in the 40s. Early reports are that it was a fun day w/beautiful weather.

Polar Bear Lee Cook - seen in the center photo - won the competition for best polar bear!

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