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2020 - 2021 
Cruisers of the Year Award - Jack and Lisa Schoer

2019-2020 Cruisers of the Year.jpeg

Congratulations, Jack and Lisa!

The Cruiser(s) of the Year Award recognizes the member who embraces or, by example, personifies non-competitive sailing (cruising) activities. The member may have organized or participated in local or blue-water cruising events, entertained in a cruising environment, embarked on a cruising lifestyle, provided coaching during cruising events, or derived or imparted joy and/or enthusiasm for cruising events.

"Jack and Lisa - For their embracing the cruising lifestyle during the pandemic, purchasing/refitting their boat on the coast, overcoming obstacles to fulfill the cruising dream…"

Past Award Recipients*

2019 David and Kit Bryant

2018 Gail Pinckney

2017 Bill and MaryEllen Gray

2016 Jeff and Kathy Paes

*Additional names to be added.

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