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Barefoot Sailing Club Commodores Since Inception in 1971

This list honors all those who gave their time and energy for the club to become all that it is today. 

THANK YOU, LISA (and all past Barefoot Commodores)!
















Our deep appreciation goes to outgoing 2020 Commodore Lisa Schoer.

We're grateful for her strong leadership this past year in making our club a much better organization.

ALSO, we're appreciative of Jack's many steadfast years as Barefoot's Purser

May you both have many more happy years bluewater cruising aboard S/V Shore 'Nuff!


Commodore Lisa Schoer and husband Jack enjoying cruising aboard S/V Shore 'Nuff in the Bahamas.

Past Commodores

2022   Tom Beachem (3rd encore!)
2021   Tom Beachem (2nd encore!)
2020   Lisa Schoer
2019   Peter Maurer (encore!)

2018   Peter Maurer

2017   Joyce McIntosh

2016   Ken Russell

2015   Alex Mazurek (encore!)

2014   Alex Mazurek

2013   Dave Wright

2012   Paul Zantzinger

2011   Tom Beachem (encore!)

2010   Tom Beachem

2009   Margaret Sherrod

2008   Lance Jones

2007   Steve O’Hagan

2006   Ned Gilchrist

2005   Ron Mitchellette

2004   Tom Graham

2003   Rory Robichaux

2002   Will Lee

2001   Pamela Keene

2000   Chris Webster

1999   Kurt Schurenberg

1998   Steve Cutchin

1997   Charlie Cushing

1996   Ken Brown

1995   Debra Pauli

1994   Joan Holcomb

1993   Bob Wiggs

1992   Edith Collins

1991   Rich Jordan

1990   Carl Reigart

1989   Cheryl Shedd

1988   Mike Bowler

1987   Alan Shedd

1986   Harry Carlson

1985   Flo Lovelace

1984   Tom Bishop

1983   Tim Cent

1982   Dana Stewart

1981   Mike Sinclair

1980   Jim Chinik

1979   Terry Kearns

1978   John Willis

1977   Tully Johnstone

1976   Carl Lieberman

1975   John Henderson

1974   Clay McCowan

1973   Gene Kormylo

1972   Furman Talley

1971   Jim Dorton

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