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2022 - 2023
Anne D. Kraft Memorial
Crew of the Year Award - Linda Hoopes


Congratulations, Linda!

Given in memory of Anne D. Kraft, the Crew of the Year Award recognizes the member who, in a position other than skipper, has contributed to the "success" of the boat/team. The member may have crewed either on racing or cruising boats or both. Crew may have been particularly skilled, dependable or supportive of the skipper's objectives, may have provided consistency or cohesion to the team or may have ensured that gear or provisions were in order, so the skipper could focus on other concerns. The crew may have taken initiative to better her/himself and thereby improved the overall team.

Past Award Recipients

2022-2023  Linda Hoopes

2020-2021  David Bryant
2019   Aleksandar "Sasha" Zivojinovic

2018   Maria Cartaya

2017   Mike Martin

2016   Autumn Tobin

2015   Mike and Joanne Justice

2014   Michael Kelly

2013   Cameron Pach

2012   Mark LaPlante

2011   Michelle Golden

2010   Kathy Gossett

2009   Tom Graham

2008   Jeff Rutledge

2007   Gary Lock

2006   Kristina Luther

2005   Holly Hale

2004   John Day

2003   Sheila Krawchuk

2002   Linda Webster

2001   Joe Thompson

2000   Jeff Elam

1999   Linda Webster

1998   Marie Graham

1997   Margaret Sherrod

1996   Tom Graham

1995   Beverly Smales

1994   Suzi Wiggs

1993   Larry Laird

1992   Suzie Potts

1991   Margaret Sherrod

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