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February's First Saturday "Polar Bear Express" Cruise
February 3, 2024

February 4,2023  Polar Bear Express Cruise
1) Pam, Laura; 2) Bill, David, Nancy; 3) Laura; 4) Nancy; 5) Top: Bill, David; Bottom: Laura, Pam, Jacqueline, Nancy; 6) Nancy, Laura, Jacqueline, Pam, Bill; 2) Pam, David, Bill; 8) Bill; 9) David

We have a winner. February was the Polar Bear Express with a special prize for the winning costume. Best Costume was awarded to Jacqueline Steadman, and she won a brand new 1969 Camaro SS in purple. She also won a Starbucks gift card, and said the car was too much. As such, she awarded her gift card to Nancy Spraker for the runner up award.  

240204 polar express11.jpeg

Three boats and their captains were joined by 11 crew members. Of special interest was a family of four that had just moved here from England, and wanted to see what BFSC has to offer.  

Weather was good for a February. Temps were in the mid 50’s with a 10 knot wind out of the east. No preset destination was made. Each boat chose their own path. Everyone reported a good time. 

Hope you will join us for our March Madness Cruise on March 2. If you have a favorite team, you can don your apparel, or just tell us stories about how far they’ll go in the tourney. Come out and join us. 

Launch of the Polar Bear Express Cruises

2023 Polar Bear Cruise (February 4, 2023)

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