Training Classes for Spring 2019

Saturday, March 23rd: Learn to Sail

On-the-water #1

(familiarization before classes start)

Monday, March 25th: Member meeting:
Refresher session on flat starts, basic strategy,
flag sequences, timing (duration 30-45 min) (as
prelude to the on-the-water practice starts)

Tuesday, March 26th: Learn to Sail Land

Class #1

Tuesday, April 2nd: Learn to Sail Land

Class #2

Saturday, April 6th: Open Cruise (Learn to
Sail On-the-water #2)

(specific boats to perform
training, others general cruising)

Sunday, April 7th: Spring Race #2

(practice starts before or after the race, TBD)

Tuesday, April 9th: Learn to Sail Land

Class #3

Saturday, April 13th: Spring Race #3

(practice starts before or after the race, TBD)

Sunday, April 14th: Learn to Sail

On-the-water #3

Tuesday, April 16th: Learn to Sail

Land Class#4

Tuesday, April 23rd:

(possible alternate for LTS land class)

Sunday, April 28th:

(possible alternate/makeup date for LTS on-the-water)

Sunday, May 5th: Spring Race #4 (practice
starts for Women Skipper’s race participants

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