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Skipper of the Year - David Pope

BFSC 2021 Dorton Cup Champion David Pope.jpg

Congratulations, David!

The Skipper of the Year is a member who is skilled at the helm and demonstrates great sportsmanship on the water during a race.  This member also promotes racing for the betterment of the sport and club participation. 
Though usually nominated by the Racing Captain, club members are encouraged to submit nominees. 

Past Award Recipients

2019  Norman Plotkin

2018  Kathy Paes

2017  Kathy Paes

2016  Kathy Paes

2015  Tedd Meinersmann

2014  --

2013  Tedd Meinersmann

2012  Jeff Elam

2011  Tom Swendiman

2010  Chris Webster

2009  Paul Warner

2008  Linda Webster

2007  Sean O'Conner

2006  Sean O'Conner

2005  Marie Graham (Non-Spinnaker)

2005  Linda Webster (Spinnaker)

2004  Marie Graham (Non-Spinnaker)

2004  David Pope (Spinnaker)

2003  Steve Suddeth

2002  Tom Graham

2001  Thomas Roberts

2000  Thomas Graham

1999  Tom Graham

1998  Debra Pauli

1997  Frank Atkinson

1996  Paul Swanson

1995  Kurt Schurenberg

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