Myth 2: You Need to be Experienced to Sail - No you don't, not with BAREFOOT.  


We offer formal Intro to Sailing classes, intermediate classes for those who have sailed, and our captains and crew are always willing to offer their free advice.

One of Barefoot Sailing Club's main objectives is education.  We make our members better sailors by offering the following:


   • Introduction to Sailing - Offered each spring

   • Racing committee training - How to do the flags for a fleet start and setting up a race course
   • Monthly Sailing Education - At each month's meeting we have a mini education lesson
   • Various seminars - Miscellaneous training seminars held throughout the year.

Do you know what all the buoys and markers are for?  


 Can you tell an informational buoy from a danger buoy?  


 Do you know what a channel marker is?


 Take a look at the chart and learn what buoys and markers are telling you!

Georgia Boating

 New law as of July 1st, 2014: 

Anyone born on or after Jan 1, 1998, must have a Georgia Boater Education Card to operate any motorized watercraft.

Georgia Boater Education Course - INFORMATION please see below:




Myth 3: Sailing is Expensive  

No it isn't, not with BAREFOOT. If you enjoy being a member of the 'working crew', you may find yourself sailing 20 - 30 or more times this year - for our First Year's annual dues of $45.

Myth 4: Sailing on Lake Lanier is only for Novice Sailors 

No it isn't, not with BAREFOOT.  Many of our Captains and crew have years of cruising and racing experience on the Atlantic and Great Lakes and decades on Lanier; some of them are World Champion racers!