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January 24, 2022 - Margaret Sherrod, Commander of America's Boating Club Atlanta (ABCA) and Past Barefoot Commodore (2009), spoke on the benefits of cross-membership with ABCA.


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Bradford Rogers
Author of "How Not to Sail" book (and podcast)

February 28, 2022


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Margaret Sherrod, Commander of America's Boating Club Atlanta and Past Commodore of BFSC (2009)

January 24, 2022

Margaret Sherrod spoke on her many years with ABCA and the life and service of ABCA. There are many benefits of cross-membership.

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Norman Plotkin
Barefoot Cruising Fleet Captain

November 15, 2021

Norman is lifetime sailor having grown up in Miami Beach, Florida and started out at age 8yrs old on Optimist Prams. For 16 years, he belonged to the Passport Sailing Club then purchased Starcather, a Catalina 28, in February 2016, soon after joining BSC.  

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Vinnie Mendes
Columnist, Lakeside News on winterizing boats

October 25, 2021

Vinnie has been on boats his entire life. It's in his blood as his family owns a marina in New Jersey. At the meeting, Vinnie spoke on best practices for winterizing boats and entertained us with stories.

Follow-up column to his talk:

Preparing Your Boat to Face Old Man Winter

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Bruce Barton
BFSC Member on Boat Speed

September 20, 2021

Long the nemesis of many racers in the club, Bruce shared racing advice: everything from learning your boat's best point of sail to trimming sails to learning the lake's typical wind patterns.

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Jennifer Flowers
Executive Director, Lake Lanier Association

August 23, 2021

Jennifer talked about the work of Lake Lanier Association and asked for our help in partnering to help identify abandoned boats. Barefoot agreed to come help with the upcoming September Shore Sweep.