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2024 Grenada Charter Planning
March 2024

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Cruise Charter Planning

Cruisers, I have received many preferred options for a charter trip next year with no clear winner. So I chose a destination where the water is warm and the trade winds blow steadily. Please let me know if you are interested in sailing for 10 days in the Grenadines in early March before Easter. Once I have an idea of who is interested and dates preferred I can refer those interested in putting a boat crew together to my charter agent.

About Grenada 
Cruise across the Caribbean Sea for extraordinary island hopping on a Grenada yacht charter. The Windward Islands from St. Vincent & The Grenadines to Grenada are dotted with 95-nautical miles of secluded isles and lively ports, offering a variety of sailing experiences. Dine out frequently for a new taste of Caribbean cuisine or get lost in the dense, green rainforests of Grenada— it’s dealer’s choice when planning your island adventures.

Sailors can’t get enough of the region’s beautiful, 80 °F tropical weather, warm sunshine and steady winds. Lukewarm dips and diverse underwater ecosystems attract avid diver’s and inquisitive snorkelers, while charming island villages— like St. George’s— tempt those looking to experience authentic Caribbean culture. No matter how you map out your Grenadines cruising itinerary, there are definitely some open-water sailing adventures waving you in.

Norm Plotkin—Cruising Captain

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