Cruising During the Pandemic 

Cruising Captain: Norman Plotkin

This spring and summer, Barefoot Sailors have not been able to enjoy our normal First Saturday Cruises or cruiser raft-ups and water socials.  Due to social distancing rules, it has not been possible for members without boats to enjoy sailing with boat owners. 

Going forward, until the social distancing rules are relaxed, and the COVID-19 virus is tamped down, it will not be possible to have organized social or cruising events. Boat owners, however, have been able to use their boats on the lake and several have informally rafted up, though everyone staying on their own boat to be “socially distant”. 

I encourage skippers to organize informal raft-ups or group sails with their friends and family.  Those that feel safe with guests may invite club members that do not have boats to sail along.  However, there can be no Club organized social events until the virus is licked and social distancing rules relaxed.

We all hope to be able to have organized social events in the future, but for now, there will be no organized cruise events. 

-Norman Plotkin
s/v Starcatcher

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