From the Favored End...
Boatswain: Chris McBride

As Barefoot's Boatswain, Chris keeps the club's pontoon boat "Favored End" in good working order.  Here are the latest updates:


Thanks to all of the hearty souls* that came out to help repaint the deck of Favored End:  Chris McBride, Tom McBride (son), David Bryant, Gillespie Kirkland, Peter Maurer, Joyce McIntosh, Jack Schoer, and Ron Spiers.


Favored End was used to haul away abandoned tires off of the shoreline for Lake Lanier Association's annual Shore Sweep.


Favored End was used by Race Committee for the 45th Annual Barefoot Open Regatta and the 10th Annual Joan Holcomb Memorial Women Skippers Race.

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