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Sailing Instruction
Sail with America's Boating Club Atlanta
and Instructor Norman Plotkin

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ABCA "Sail" course instructor and BFSC Cruising Fleet Captain Norman Plotkin

Atlanta Boating Club Atlanta (ABCA) offers a "Sail" course taught by our very own Cruising Fleet Captain, Norman Plotkin! The latest Sail course ran from February to April 2022, so watch the ABCA "Upcoming Classes" for future offerings.  The class runs about 10 weeks, plus review and exam.

A considerable discount is given to ABCA members and we encourage our members to consider a cross-membership with this well-respected organization when registering for the course.

Sail is a complete sail course created to serve the needs of the novice and experienced sailor, as well as the non-sailor, for basic skills and knowledge. The course starts with basic sailboat designs and nomenclature, rigging, safety, and sail processes and then tackles the physical aspects of sailing forces and techniques, sail applications, marlinespike, helmsmanship and handling of more difficult sailing conditions, navigation rules, and an introduction to heavy weather sailing.

Instructor: Norm Plotkin, P


Course Delivery: Web-based, instructor-led, closed book exam


Schedule: Weekly 7 – 9 pm on an evening to be determined.


Pricing:  ABCA Member $88,  Non-ABCA Member: $143

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