Coastal Cruising

For the past 20 years, various club members have bareboat chartered almost annually on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts from Mobile Bay to Maine, but mostly on the coast of Florida - the north and southwest Gulf coasts, Key West, Miami and the Keys, with a couple of trips across the Stream to Bimini and back. Other trips include the Georgia coast, Charleston, SC, Pamlico Sound, NC, Chesapeake Bay, MD, Penobscot Bay, Maine, and, of course, the BVI’s. We have cruised from as early as mid-May to as late as mid-November, with many in between.


For those of you who’ve never spent a week bareboat chartering on a very nice yacht with a few friends, it is an absolute blast. This is close to the ultimate in part-time cruising – just imagine the best days of cruising on the Lake, and multiply that by a fun factor of at least 10 (some would say a lot more than that). Great sailing – imagine staying on the same tack with steady winds for hours at a time - gorgeous scenery, deep green or azure blue water, dolphins playing in the bow wave, great food and drink, great music, peaceful, beautiful anchorages with spectacular sunsets (and sunrises if you can wake up early enough), and on and on.... Consider joining us for our next cruise. 

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