Around (Lake Lanier) Alone Race
Saturday, April 24, 2021

​Around Alone Perpetual Trophy

(Barefoot burgee autographed by Robin Davie)

Will anyone unseat Bruce Barton, reigning champion of the

Around (Lake Lanier) Alone Race? 

Last year, Bruce Barton won the race along w/the perpetual trophy for his wall.  I hear he's planning to defend his title and keep it another year.

If you haven't seen it yet, the perpetual trophy above is a Barefoot burgee autographed by Robin Davie (1998/99).  British sailor Davie has completed three solo circumnavigations and will be making his fourth next year in the Golden Globe Race 2022.

Much thanks to Tom Graham for securing this prized autograph for the club back in 1999!

Be looking for the 2021 Race NOR/SIs to be posted soon.

History of the Around (Lake Lanier) Alone Race
(*DRAFT* - we're slowly recreating this from archives)

2020  Bruce Barton (PF2)



Tedd Meinersmann:  Wow, WIND!! Whoever said Winter is when Lake Lanier has wind was not sailing the BFSC Around Alone or the Women’s Skipper Race this Spring. For the Around Alone Regatta we had twelve boats signed up to race. Only eight boats started. Of the eight, one dropped out after the first mile, another sailed to the dam using only the head sail and then dropped out. Six boats finished and all the skippers were a little wobbly when they got on shore. Fifty percent of the boat dropped out. Sounds almost like the Sydney-Hobart Race drop out percentages.


Racin’ Past & Future Second Fleet Captain, Chris Webster:  The BFSC Around Alone Regatta was held on Saturday April 24th. The good news was there was plenty of sun, and the bad news was there wasn't enough wind until the very end. Yes, we did race down to the Dam and back, but thank God Edith (solo RC) shortened the course at 13 (the "Three Sisters") on the way back. The motor boat chop got brutal down by Lanier Islands for those of us in the smaller vessels. When I was shuffling my aching body into the shower Sunday morning, my wife asked "Who beat you with the ball bat?!" (bruises on my torso, backside and legs). We had 23 entrants (and I'm positive there would have been several more if there would have been a more favorable wind forecast). Thirteen boats finished and the others either fell off the Lake at the Dam, got eaten by monsters, got seasick, or got swamped by the tsunami!  On the podium at the end of the day:

1st  |  Chuck Weaver Elliot 770  |  DREAM WEAVER  |  4:50:55

2nd  |  Dave DeLorme | Catalina 22  |  BANDIT  |  4:55:29

3rd  |  Greg Cash | Olson 25  |  REBEL BELLE  |  5:05:58

Congratulations to our BFSC members Chuck and Dave for their great finishes! Check the website for all the results. Thanks again to Edith Collins for doing a spectacular job, as always, as our solo PRO/Race Committee and providing humor/perspective in the Sailing Instructions!



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