NOTE: Racing resumed Sunday, June 7th.
All other on-the-water events are

still canceled until further notice.


Sat, Jul 11

4pm  Spring Series #8

Aqualand store parking lot w/6pm start

Sun, Jul 26

7:30pm  Virtual Social Hour!

Email for details.



Sat, Aug 1

6pm  Moonlight Race (NOR|SI) #3

Hosted  by SSC
Aqualand store parking lot w/
8pm start

Mon, Aug 3

7pm  Virtual Board Meeting 

Email for details.

Sat, Aug15

  6pm  Fall Series #1

Aqualand store parking lot

Sun, Aug 23

  2pm  Fall Series #2

Aqualand store parking lot

Sat, Aug 29

6pm  Moonlight Race (NOR|SI) #4

Hosted by UYC
UYC Carswell pavilion w/8pm start


Sun, Aug 30 

7:30pm  Virtual Social Hour!

Email for details.


Mon, Sep 7

7pm  Virtual Board Meeting 

Email for details.

Sat, Sep 12

1pm  Fall Series #3

Aqualand store parking lot

Sun, Sep 13

1pm  Fall Series #4

Aqualand store parking lot

Mon, Sep 14

7pm  Board Meeting

Email for details.

Sun, Sep 27

1pm  Fall Series #5

Aqualand store parking lot


7:30pm  Virtual Social Hour!

Email for details.

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Photo credit: Maryellen Gray (S/V Sea Escape)

Sunday, July 26, 7:30pm

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via RingCentral meeting
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Please continue to stay safe and informed about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Cruising During the Pandemic

July 7, 2020

This spring and summer, Barefoot Sailors have not been able to enjoy our normal First Saturday Cruises or cruiser raft-ups and water socials.  Due to social distancing rules, it has not been possible for members without boats to enjoy sailing with boat owners. 

Going forward, until the social distancing rules are relaxed, and the COVID-19 virus is tamped down, it will not be possible to have organized social or cruising events. 

Boat owners, however, have been able to use their boats on the lake and several have informally rafted up, though everyone staying on their own boat to be “socially distant”. 

I encourage skippers to organize informal raft-ups or group sails with their friends and family.  Those that feel safe with guests may invite club members that do not have boats to sail along.  However, there can be no Club organized social events until the virus is licked and social distancing rules relaxed.

We all hope to be able to have organized social events in the future, but for now, there will be no organized cruise events. 

-Norman Plotkin
2020 BFSC Cruising Captain

Racing During the Pandemic

June 3, 2020 

That’s right.  The Corp of Engineering has re-instated certificates for activities on the lake.  That means after an almost three month hiatus we can finally get back on the water and race.  I know everyone has been working hard the last few months doing whatever it takes to make your boat faster.


Attached you can find the results from the first race.  Damphino buried everyone with a commanding performance to take the first.  Big Taka took second followed by little Shameless in third place.  Looking for Saucy Wench and Heatherset to improve on their race one standing.


Missed race 1?  Don’t worry, I am going to throw a little incentive in.  We only have two races left in the series.  The Sailing Instructions have been revised to provide a pseudo throw out.  See section 13 of the revised Sailing Instructions.  Another revision was to correct the date of race 7.


Which gets us to race 7.  It’s this coming Sunday.  Skipper meeting at 12:00 PM – Aqualand store parking lot area.  Race starts at 2:00 PM.  Still want to “Social Distance” and avoid the possible crowd at the Skipper meeting.  Send me a text anytime Sunday morning.  I will respond back around 12:30 or earlier with the course and start time.


-Tedd Meinersmann

2020 BFSC Racing Captain

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