Join us for the Annual Awards Banquet

Sunday, December 8th, 2019


Provino's Italian Restaurant

3420 Buford Dr #500, Buford

5pm  Social gathering and cocktails

Buy your own drinks

6pm  Dinner

Fixed price menu OR order off the menu

7pm  Awards program

Until 9pm


Note: THANK YOU for your 2019 nominations! The submission window has now closed to allow time for personalized engraving.


Usually nominated by the Racing Captain, but if club members have nominees, please submit.  The Skipper of the Year is a member who is skilled at the helm.  S/he also demonstrates a great deal of sportsmanship on the water during a race.  S/he promotes racing for the betterment of the sport and club participation. 



The Crew of the Year Award recognizes the member who, in a position other than skipper, has contributed to the "success" of the boat/team. The member may have crewed either on racing or cruising boats or both. Crew may have been particularly skilled, dependable or supportive of the skipper's objectives, may have provided consistency or cohesion to the team or may have ensured that gear or provisions were in order, so the skipper could focus on other concerns. The crew may have taken initiative to better her/himself and thereby improved the overall team.


The Cruiser of the Year Award recognizes the member who embraces or, by example, personifies non-competitive sailing (cruising) activities. The member may have organized or participated in local or blue-water cruising events, entertained in a cruising environment, embarked on a cruising lifestyle, provided coaching during cruising events, or derived or imparted joy and/or enthusiasm for cruising events.


The Sparkplug Award recognizes the member who has contributed to the success of the club this year. The member may have taken on a special project, organized an activity, volunteered or pitched in when there was a need, or in some way helped the club reach out to its members. The member may have been the catalyst to make things happen or to get something done. Or, the member may have "helped" the club by engendering enthusiasm and/or participation in club activities. This member provided a special "spark" that was otherwise missing.


Most Enthusiastic New Sailor


The Sportsmanship Award awarded by BFSC and is submitted for national consideration to US Sailing, recognizes the sailor who has demonstrated a concern and dedication to the betterment of the sport of sailing. This member consistently demonstrates the traits of fair play and sportsmanship, a commitment to individual and collective safety in sailing activities and the on-going development of the sport of sailing.

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